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2019 Country Music Contest Results:

Male 50+ Class
1st Donald Don Dunham
2nd Robert Johnston
3rd Marcel Nault
4th Steve Hewitt
5th Don (chicken man) McLean

Female 50+ Class
1st Rita Lynn French
2nd Louise St. George
3rd Sandra Leroux
4th Kim Guillette
5th Melody Tricco

Duets Class
1st Leslie Ann McKee & Sheldon Nickerson
2nd Chantal Thorn & Victoria Wismer
3rd Ivory Labelle & John Fraser
4th Rebecca Pascall & Tim Jamieson
5th Marissa Olsen & Jenna Brunt

Female 18 & Under
1st Khloe Bertrand
2nd Marissa Olsen
3rd Emma Rivet
4th Erika Banks
5th Reaghan Renaud

2019 Country Music Contest Results:

Karaoke Class
1st Mylaine Dalcourt
2nd Allie Morrison
3rd Rya Morrison


Male Open Class
1st Sheldon Nickerson
2nd Ken Lightheart
3rd Steve McElrea
4th Robert Guillemette
5th Darryl Weaver

Female Open Class
1st Ivory Labelle
2nd Donna Lee Guillemette
3rd Brenda Dutra
4th Crystal Gore
5th Leslie Ann Mckee

Congratulations to all the winners, no matter what you placed you were all the best of the best, thank you

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