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30th Annual Northern Ontario Open Country Singing Contest Results


Another great Contest again this year which has brought us some excellent talent from across the country!

We attracted over 55 contestants and the audience had a great variety of old and new songs to listen to as they saw these contestants perform so wonderfully. Once again we were also entertained by some of our locals, including, "Fiddlin' Country", "Billy Bob & Cletus", "The Little Man" and the CDR Band and our judges.

The Karaoke Class had six children. We also used six judges again this year with an extremely difficult job to bring the classes down to the finals.

2018 Sponsors including:

  • North Bay Chrysler

  • Farquhar's Orchards,

  • Ramada Pinewood Park Resort

  • No Frillls (Lakeshore),

  • Speedy Muffler

  • MPP Vic Fedeli and

  • 600 CKAT


1st place - Rebecca Pascall (North Bay)
2nd place - Gisele Small (Sturgeon Falls)
3rd place - Sheila Nikolich (Milton)

4th place - Yvonne Bonnah (Stratford)

5th place - Theresa Gall (St. Thomas)


FEMALE 18 & Under
1st place -Haley Doucet (Wheatley)


2nd place - Erika Banks (Emeryville)

3rd place - Marissa Olsen (Sturgeon Falls)

4th place - Alexis Hockridge (Watford)

1st place - Chantal Thorn (Kitchener)
2nd place - Leslie-Anne McKee (Timmins)

3rd place - Debbie Turner (Miller Lake)

4th place - Donna Lee Guillemette (North Bay)
5th place - Khloe Bertrand (Haley Station)


KAROAKE 12 & Under (Combined)
1st place - Emma Rivet (Verner)

2nd place - Jaelan Henstridge (Corbeil)

3rd place - Isabella Taylor (North Bay)




MALE 50+
1st place - Sheldon Nickerson (Kitchener)


2nd place - Robert Johnston (Swastika)
3rd place - Donald Dunham (Waterford)

4th place - Bill Cameron (North Bay)

5th place - Don McLean (Mitchell)


1st place - Donna Lee & Robert Guillemette (North Bay)

2nd place - Leslie-Ann McKee & Sheldon Nickerson (Timmins & Kitchener)

3rd place - Chantal Thorn & Dale Wismer (Kitchener)


1st place - John Fraser (Guelph)
2nd place - Robert Guillemette (North Bay)


3rd place -  Ken Lightheart (Delhi)

4th place - Daniel Nikolich (Milton)

5th place -  Dale Wismer (Kitchener)



This contest was another success thanks to our major sponsors including North Bay Chrysler, Farquhar's Orchards, Ramada Pinewood Park Resort, No Frillls (Lakeshore), Speedy Muffler, MPP Vic Fedeli and 600 CKAT.  We would also like to thank all of our other sponsors, because without you the event would not have been what it turned out to be (Excellent!).

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